What we do

Whether you are a social media novice or a company looking to make a leap in return on your social media investment, Shea-Cahir Consulting can assist. We offer three distinct tracks of services:

  • For the company looking to enter the social media world, we offer planning and so aching services. We’ll help you build a strategy, find your voice and build your social media presence with long-term growth and success in mind.
  • For the company looking to do more than just “be” on social media, we offer administration and coaching services. We can take the panic of “who will handle our Twitter feed?!” off your hands, while we teach your existing communications or marketing team how to integrate social media into your existing plans.
  • For the company that wants to go from solid to superstar on social media, we offer training, strategy and auditing services. We’ll look at what you’re doing and help you discover new opportunities while helping to assess your strategic and personnel needs to maintain your success.

Shea-Cahir Consulting has been creating social media success since 2005 as part of more than 20 years of professional experience. From blogs to podcasts, Friendster to Facebook, we’ve been involved with and successful in the social media realm. Let us help you build strategic marketing and social media plans, identify opportunities, track the return on your investment, train your staff, manage your brand, and win at social media.

If you are in need of help connecting the dots between where you are and where you want to be, or you need to amplify the results of your social media efforts, e-mail us or call (913) 523-5250!

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