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Social media is about content, not puffery

Social fakery

Don’t be caught with fake, puffed up numbers.

I resisted the urge to go out as a consultant for a couple of years. Why? It’s tough to get through the fakes. The people who swear they can get you instant results for $10 a month.

Social media is fun, rewarding and can bring business and brand awareness to your company. It’s just all those screamers out there. And, as it turns out, people who swear by their huge social media followings aren’t always to be trusted, according to this report from Forbes. Included in the article is this excellent quote from colleague Steve Farnsworth;

The social media industrial complex is fraught with digital marketers and consultants who puff up their abilities and accomplishments. I tell my clients to be honest in their marketing, and in turn strive to walk the talk.

Truth, brotha…

Shea-Cahir Consulting is a new venture. I’ve joked with friends that this firm will only stand on my previous achievements for so long, and it’s the success of the clients we land that will lead to success of the firm. We won’t promise magic, nor will we engage in trickery. We won’t promise thoroughness, only to provide one-size-fits-all drivel. We don’t reinvent the wheel, but we will help you pick the wheel that best fits your business vehicle.

The work and the past success are real. I guided Princeton University to new social media heights. I guided Waddell & Reed and Ivy Funds through a massive compliance labyrinth. I gave the University of Kansas School of Engineering a social media voice that continues today. I worked with Apple and iTunes on a trend-setting marketing campaign for KU’s Lied Center.

I did these things for employers. Now, Shea-Cahir Consulting is building a social media presence – and a successful firm – from the ground up. It only fits that we’re doing the very thing for the firm that we’re going to do for clients.

Yes, our Facebook page has 37 followers; the Twitter feed has 13 followers (although my personal feed is nearing 400!). That’s OK. Because we’re walking the talk. Why not join in and see where we can take your company?

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Comedy is difficult… especially on social media


Think before you tweet.

By now, you’ve read about “The Tweet Heard Round the World,” by public relations executive Justine Sacco. It’s pretty short and sweet.

Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!

The outrage related to this is well-placed. It’s racist, classist, really inappropriate, and just plain stupid.

However, there is a more business-related reason that Sacco was fired, and it provides a lesson to all companies.

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