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A note to my daughter: Never air dirty laundry on social media

Sometimes, things just go too far. And what both of these girls (and their families) have to deal with now is that this all is visible. No matter your privacy settings, expect that all activity in social media will survive. This provides a lesson for all companies on social media: Be careful because any mis-step will be seen by somebody.

PSA: Keep Your Personal Drama Off of Facebook or It Could Get Ugly…

Comedy is difficult… especially on social media


Think before you tweet.

By now, you’ve read about “The Tweet Heard Round the World,” by public relations executive Justine Sacco. It’s pretty short and sweet.

Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!

The outrage related to this is well-placed. It’s racist, classist, really inappropriate, and just plain stupid.

However, there is a more business-related reason that Sacco was fired, and it provides a lesson to all companies.

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Marchex Data Reveals Ohioans Curse the Most in the Country; Washingtonians the Least

Ian Shea-Cahir:

An interesting look at cursing and courtesy when customers call companies. One has to wonder if these statistics are really a commentary on the people in these states or on the state of customer service.
In the social media world, tone and customer service are a delicate calculus that can be a source of success or a source of lost revenue. Call or e-mail us to get the training your company needs.

Originally posted on Marchex Blog:

By Sonia Krishnan, Director of Corporate Communications for Marchex

Are you f*&!ing serious?

cursingAs a native Buckeye who’s lived in Washington for eight years, this was my first reaction to the data analysis released today by our Marchex Institute, which found that people in Ohio curse the most in the country.  Washingtonians, by contrast, curse the least. (WTF?)

The data also placed Ohioans in the Top 5 “Least Courteous” category. Apparently, residents there have a harder time saying “please” and “thank you,” which were the keywords that Marchex’s Call Mining technology scanned for when aggregating data on pleasantries.

It’s fascinating stuff. And it coincides with National Etiquette Week, a seven-day ‘gentle reminder,’ if you will, to be civil and courteous to one another.

The Institute, Marchex’s data and research team, examined more than 600,000 phone calls from the past 12 months. The calls were placed by consumers to businesses across…

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