Staking your place when the stream’s current rushes by

Trying to catch the best tweets, posts and pics.

Trying to catch the best tweets, posts and pics.

A short post today, but an important one.

Life is getting tougher for online marketers and brand managers. The days when friend numbers doubled monthly and followers clicked on every tweeted link are going away. And quickly.

I don’t think things are quite as dire as this report from The Atlantic would have you believe, but there is one really salient point in the article:

This is the strange circumstance that obtained in 2013, given the volume of the stream. Regular Internet users only had three options: 1) be overwhelmed 2) hire a computer to deploy its logic to help sort things 3) get out of the water.

As someone trying to make the stream work for my clients, this reality reflects a strategic tenet I’ve held for a long time: Quality outweighs quantity every time.

The days of being able to tweet 40 times a day to build a following are gone. So, too, are the days when tagging and SEO and SMO were a magic search elixir. The stream is judgmental. It has filters. Some from users, and more from distributors. The point is, your social media content has to be better than ever.

None of this is to say that social media is impossible. Far from it. At this point in social media’s evolution, however, the work needed to create quality, engaging content, is more important than just handing it off to whoever has 10 minutes free. Social media needs to be treated with the same importance as print, radio and TV were before them.

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